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No dry eye is the same, but the causes are usually one of two: either your eyes are not producing enough tears or the tears are evaporating too quickly. Understanding how our eyes stay moist and comfortable is crucial to understanding the causes of dry eyes. See more in our Patient Education section.


Girl Rubbing Her EyesIf you are experiencing red, watery, stinging, burning, itchy, or scratchy eyes, you are most likely suffering from dry eyes. Those diagnosed with dry eyes may experience excess tearing, stringy mucus in or around the eyes, discomfort from contact lens wear, or excessive eye irritation from smoke and wind. It might be necessary to make an appointment today if any of these sensations are worsening throughout the day. Your dry eye symptoms are most likely treatable, but there are rare cases where there could be a much more serious issue. Call us today at 713-600-7900.

Treatment Options

Woman Putting Eyedrops In EyesAt Watkins Eye Center, we take your dry eyes seriously. Unfortunately, in most cases, dry eyes are more of a chronic syndrome that requires constant treatment and attention. Unlike most eye doctors, we are doing everything we can to educate our patients about self-care when it comes to dry eyes. Your eye health and daily comfort is of utmost importance and will be addressed by Dr. Watkins with personalized innovative care. At Watkins Eye Center we have the latest technology to diagnose the cause of your dry eye symptoms. After much careful research, we have made several treatment options available here to you which can be discussed in greater detail with one of our knowledgeable ophthalmic staff members.

Some of the options we have available include:

If you have more questions about dry eyes, check out our Patient Education section.

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